Beijing & Shanghai

Gray Line Beijing & Shanghai

A proud member of Gray Line Worldwide

Destination Travel International Co. Ltd is the first sightseeing company in China. For over 20 years, DTI has specialised in providing tourists from all over the world with unique and complete destination experiences in various cities across China. DTI operates two offices in both Beijing and Shanghai with total of 130 employees, 50 of which are in charge of management and operations and 80 of which act as tour guides. On May 1St. 2010, DTI was officially rebranded as “Gray Line” – the worlds first sightseeing company. Gray Line in China covers the territories of Beijing & Shanghai. Inheriting Gray Line’s successful sightseeing expertise, assuring the high quality service of a world class brand, DTI will ensure you experience the gorgeous destination that is China.  


Truly, the local expert

With years of successful sightseeing and tour expertise, DTI creates basic, unique and signature experienced products with high quality services to meet the dynamic needs of customers. There are up to 190 packages in total. DTI will phase out old tour products if necessary and create new products to keep up with customer requirements.

DTI offers a range of services to the traveling public including:

  • City and Regional Sightseeing
  • Adventure & Cultural Experiences
  • Overnight packages
  • Custom Group Tours
  • Airport Transfers
  • Charters
  • Convention Services
  • Multi-lingual Tours