Beijing & Shanghai



Beijing’s most famous art zones are the 798 and Caochangdi art district. Both showcase many fantastic art galleries and unique exhibitions for locals, tourists, and professionals to appreciate. Let us take a look at some of the most interesting galleries in these art communities.


Caochangdi art district has almost 300 art galleries and is considered to be the energetic and creative paradise for artists. The most famous galleries are the Chambers Fine Art [前波画廊], Three Shadows Photography Art Center [三影堂摄影艺术中心], Beijing Art Now Gallery [现在画廊], and White Space [空白空间]. The Beijing Art Now Gallery is located right next to the Chambers Fine Art. They participate in many international exhibitions, and most notably, Beijing Art Now Gallery became the first individual local Chinese art gallery to be selected in the renowned Basel exhibition. The Three Shadows Photography Art Center is supposedly the largest structure in the Caochangdi Art District. Its walls are made of gray bricks that are designed to create an uneven surface. Within the wall are small rectangular holes; it has claimed that you can light a candle inside it during the summer nights. The gallery’s café allows you to experience the feeling of being in a quiet and beautiful atmosphere as if you were in a personal garden. This gallery is China’s first photography and video art gallery among the people, and it has a café, shop, and bookstore. Tourists can listen to music while viewing the gallery, drink some coffee, or read a book. Finally, another gallery you should not miss is White Space. It is a German-owned spacious gallery that features Chinese and European artists. Simple and contemporary artworks are a key theme of the gallery.


The 798 Art District is an artistic community that features a range of art galleries and exhibitions. The community itself is like an artwork; the streets, walls, and statues are all pieces of art created by anonymous artists. Its most popular galleries are the Color of Joy [喜神艺术空间], Ullens Center For Contemporary Art (UCCA) [尤伦斯当代艺术中心], and 3818 Cool Gallery [3818库画廊]. Color of Joy is a general art gallery, exhibiting various famous artists in China such as Zhang Er Miao [张二苗], Dong Ting Xiu [董婷秀], Qin Long Zhi [秦龙纸], Li Yue You [李悦油], Zhang Feng Tian [张丰田]. UCCA is a public, independent, and non-profit organization, built by Belgian art collectors Guy and Myriam Ullens. UCCA cooperates with well-known and acclaimed artists in China and artists internationally to organize exhibitions and public projects. It is committed to sustaining the development of Chinese contemporary art and promoting artistic exchanges with international countries. 3818 Cool Gallery has an artistic atmosphere and unique space structure. They are dedicated to the promotion and display of Chinese contemporary art from young and middle-aged artists. It focuses on various forms of exhibitions such as painting and photography, video, multimedia, and more. When in Caochangdi, make sure to check out De Sarthe Gallery, often referred to as the best gallery in Beijing.